Social Messaging for the important things in your life.

Create Your WarpNote. Now.


You don't know who he/she is?
But, you absolutely want to send him/her a message?

Simply remember location and time where you met and write a WarpNote! It'll catch attention. Without knowing E-Mail-Address or name. No matter who it is.

How does it work?

Anything not everybody should be able to read...

... you simply put inside the Message Locker.

Only the one who is able to unlock your vault gets to know what you want to say. The challenge: each user gets only one attempt per hour to give the correct answer.

Generate breathtaking content in no time.

If you want to generate fancy and inspiring online content, it'll cost you - at least effort. That's why in your WarpNote you can integrate interactive elements and forms with sliders and clocks for displayig interesting real-time calculations. Even better: without any programming. For instance, surveys are created instantly.

How good your content really is you'll learn by the star-voting of your readers. But be careful: it'll affect it's ranking on our NoteWall and your Profile reputation as well...

Hint: Use WarpNote in speeches and presentations..

Example: Salary-Calculator | Interactive shortcrust recipe

Play around with the Time.

Each communication has it's time. You can provide each WarpNote with a runtime of up to 100 days.

If you combine it with the Message-Locker and add a button linking to an external target (Call To Action) at the end of your Warp Note, you can realize easily, quickly and with no effort interesting Promotions, Competitions or Raffles.

Anonymous communication.

Sometimes an anonymous communication may be legitimate. That's why you can create "nameless" WarpNotes and leave - if the author allows it - also anonymous comments.

You aren't available?

No problem. Simply send out your WarpNote time-delayed. Maybe like in the movies: your message will be sent only if you haven't loged into WarpNote for a defined amount of time ...

And much more ...

Your creativity will have no limits. So much more is possible. We are excited to see all of your ideas!

Prepared for everything.

You see: you are prepared for everything with Reach out to those who are worth it. Impress with what really counts. Life is too short for the insignificant.

From Germany with Love.

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