Using WarpNote in
speeches and presentations

Interactive Surveys

Use WarpNote for you speeches and intervolve your audience actively in the event: present thrillingly and interact with your audience. Integrate a survey in your WarpNote, which every one of your listeners can answer by Smartphone right during your speech. See the responses live on the screen.

The virtual Lottery Wheel

You've got something to raffle? Great, as each one of the participants of your survey can take part in a draw. The virtual Lottery Wheel can draw any number with just a click by the author. The winning notification ist sent immediately to the Smart Phones of the participants and via E-Mail. With the attached win code he/she can then identify his-/herself as a winner.

Exclusively for your audience

As you are naturally interested in allowing just your audience to take part in the raffle, you place your Survey and the Lottery Wheel in a Message Locker. You only then reveal the password when you start with it.

Collect contacts

Nothing won? If interested each participant can submit his/her contact details or requests to the author via a private message/comment.


Let's assume you set up a Survey on the travel habits of your readers. Your WarpNote might look like the following:

With the button "Draw winner now!", which only you as the author can see, you can draw as many winners as you specified when creating the WarpNote. When you click on the button, the system generates a unique win code for each winner.

If the participants kept the WarpNote open in their browser, they immediately receive a notification whether they won or not. Winning notifications will also be sent by E-Mail, provided a valid E-Mail-Address was set up.

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