Are you in the search?

You are looking for people with whom you were connected to for a moment - or longer?
An elusive flirt, eye witnesses or an old contact?

Finally, you can now reach out to them with your WarpNote.
Simply specify space and time of the encounter, and you've defined a common mark,
which allows you to find each other via our Space/Time search.

You are looking for witnesses?

You are looking for people who witnessed an accident or attack and are able to contribute to clarify the incident? Write a WarpNote in which you describe the situation and define the exact time and location via the Space/Time coordinates. If witnesses or confidants like to stay anonymous, you have the chance to allow anonymous, private comments on your WarpNote. Such comments are only accessible for the author of the WarpNote.

Example: Accident on Memorial Drive

An elusive flirt!

You saw each other fleetingly but it sparked flew immediately. You want to see him/her again? Just flag location and time of your encounter in our Space/Time Search as a bookmark. Should the person you are looking for react, you can get notified about it by mail. Or be proactive and leave at this specific point a WarpNote with your inquiry. And, as such an inquiry can be really personal, secure sensitive content with the Message-Locker. It can only be opened by answering a security question correctly. You can prompt the correct answer by requesting an attribute or feature only the two of you are knowing, like the number on a license plate or the brand of the handbag.

Example: Flirting in a traffic jam

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